The 5 Must Haves for Tailgating Like a Pro

The 5 Must Haves for Tailgating Like a Pro


Everyone loves tailgating, or at least I know my friends and I do! We look forward to getting to the concert, game, or whatever event we are attending early to tailgate and you know, pregame a little. (We’re a little cheap and don’t want to spend $10 on one beer/drink). Over the years, we have learned the must haves for tailgating and the things that are really just extras which¬†are taking up space in the car & at the parking lot party (thank you Lee Brice). Here are 5 must haves to make you look like a tailgating pro:


HELLOOOO, wake up, this is the number one priority at any tailgating party! If you don’t have yummy drinks to sip on, your party is a dud. Just kidding, but really, drinks make it way more fun. And, I don’t even mean alcoholic drinks. There are plenty of yummy non alcoholic drinks that can make a tailgating party fun, especially when the drink has a theme to match the event. But, I really was talking about alcohol… beer, wine, shots, margaritas, you name it, you need it!!! Plus, when you have great drinks at your parking lot party, you save some money when you go inside of the event…. Say no to $10 Coors Light cans ūüôā


The second priority to a perfect tailgating party is good, loud, fun music! Music breaks up the conversations that you hear in the background and gets people dancing, singing, and pumped up for the game or concert (especially those country concerts **heart eyes emoji**).

I think I have seen it all when it comes to different ways that people provide music for their tailgating party. I have seen just the basic car stereo blasting music through the car speakers to a full on karaoke/ PA system in the back of someones truck. But, for some people an entire PA system to blast some tunes isn’t in their price range. For example, I bought a Bluetooth stereo from Costco and I literally use it everywhere, the desert, beach, concerts, games, parties at the house, anything!

speaker, tailgate, music

This is similar to the one that I have, except mine has a handle with wheels… It is such a perfect investment for people who love to listen to music wherever they are!


You NEED good food in order to have a great night! Lately my go to tailgating food item is BBQ Chicken & Bacon Kabobs…. They are literally heaven on earth! They are also super easy to grill, because all the prep work is done at home before the tailgate party! You can find the recipe¬†here. What I love most about kabobs, besides how yummy they are, is that you don’t have to pack a lot of eating supplies, forks, knives, spoons, and so on, because you use your hands to eat them!!! It can get pretty messy too, so I suggest bringing a lot of paper towels and wet naps!

food, bacon, bbq, chicken, tailgate, party

Seriously, how good do those look???

If you aren’t into the kabobs, there are so many different ideas you could think of for a perfect tailgating meal. For example, my uncles have season tickets to the Chargers games, and they tailgate and cook a lot of really delicious food. Depending on who they are playing that week, they have their tailgate meal match it, kind of like a theme, to go with the game. Like clam chowder when they played the Patriots forever ago, or Philly cheese steaks when they play the Eagles, and so on. They literally do something different for every game. So, spice it up, switch it up, it doesn’t have to always be chips & salsa, hot dogs & hamburgers, fruit & veggie tray…. Be fun, be creative!


It’s cool to just hang out and drink and dance before the game or concert. But, it kind of gets old after a while…. Especially when it’s what you do every time. There are so many different games that you can play, whether they are drinking games, or non drinking games that you make drinking games! This should be pretty self explanatory, but if not, then here is a short list of ideas for games:


  • Beer Pong: About beer pong and my friends… we are very competitive and take the whole boys vs. girls thing really serious! The guys on the other hand will stay up literally all night playing just so they can beat the kid who has never played before…… you know what I’m talking about boys!
  • Flip Cup
  • Beer Bong
  • Ring Toss
  • Corn Hole: Oh God, don’t get me started on how competitive corn hole can get! This is another game that when mixed with alcohol can lead to a never ending night!
  • & So Many More


I know, it’s crazy that this is a must have for a tailgating party. But, honestly, can you imagine driving all the way to the concert or game, thinking the tickets are i the car, setting up your party, partying, cleaning up….. looking for the tickets…. panicking….. still looking….. yeah they are gone. I have purchased tickets the day of a concert before and did not have time to print them. There was an electronic version that I could show them at the gate to get in, totally perfect. I showed up, had no service, had no tickets….. Luckily, I was able to pay a lovely fee of $15 per ticket to get them printed (totally ridiculous) and then we were on our way. But, what if we couldn’t get them printed?? That would be a complete let down and a waste of precious tailgating! So, seriously, remembering the tickets is a must have for tailgating… if you want to enjoy the rest of the night!!

See you at the next parking lot party y’all!

Thank you so much for reading!

Shopping Made Easy For the Female Sports Fan in Your Life

Shopping Made Easy For the Female Sports Fan in Your Life

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are right around the corner. I mean literally, right around the corner… Thanksgiving is in three weeks, Christmas is in 50 days, and New Years is a few short days after!! So with the holidays coming, why not start your shopping early, or just start preparing for the female sports fans on your list!

I have already done most of my Christmas shopping thanks to one website,¬†Fanatics. Fanatics is literally my go to website for shopping all things sports. You can choose from baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, NASCAR, Olympics, all college sports, and any other sport that your female sports fan is interested in. Not only do they offer a variety of sports to choose from, under each sport category, they have sports apparel and memorabilia for every single team in that category. Yes, that means all 32 NFL teams, all 30 teams in MLB and NHL, and you betcha, over 500 colleges to choose from!! I know, it’s a lot…. You’re probably thinking, but if I am shopping for a girl who likes sports, why not just use Victoria’s Secret’s Pink sports line…. I’ll tell you why. Follow these simple steps and you will have hit a home run, scored a touchdown, made a buzzer beater from behind the half court line, and scored a goal with your female sports fan this year!

Reason 1: Discounts, free shipping, discounts, & more free shippingggg!

sports apparel, discounts, savinsgs, free shipping

Yes, that definitely says 20-50% off football gear! Um, hello… it’s football season, why wouldn’t you use this awesome discount for savings on awesome jerseys, beanies, socks, earrings, license plate frames, and so much more! I have been on the Fanatics website probably about 4 times in the last 6 weeks, and every time I go to their site, there is another discount and there is always free shipping. Last year, I waited until the last minute to get my Christmas shopping done. I stumbled across this site, which was perfect for all the sports fans in my life (yes babe, this is where I did ALLLLL of your Christmas shopping). However, because I waited so long, I think my highest savings was 20%. So this year, I got a jump start and every time I have been on the site (4 times in 6 weeks) I have purchased something with up to 50% off savings ON MY ENTIRE ORDER and FREE SHIPPING!!!! I cannot remember the last time I bought something from Victoria’s Secret period and got up to 50% off AND free shipping on the same order. And just by glancing at¬†their site again¬†it looks like you have to spend xx amount of dollars before you can get a discount…. yeah I will gladly pass!

As I write this blog, I am currently shopping for more sports gear, because it is just too good to pass up savings like this!!!! And my entire family is obsessedddd with sports, so it’s totally¬†perfect. Warning: This offer picture above ends tonight, so jump fast!

Reason 2: Better variety…. That simple!

I mentioned above that Fanatics has a bajillion different teams to choose from, here Victoria’s Secret is limited to just NFL, NCAAF¬†(college football), and MLB. Although these are the most common sports, why don’t they support basketball and have NBA teams in their sports line, or hockey with NHL gear…. VS, I’m sorry but you are failing to deliver us ladies with a wide variety of sports gear.


Note to my boyfriend: If you can find that BAMA shirt in OHIO STATE colors and logos…. that is what I want for Christmas ūüôā

See, not only does Victoria’s Secret have limited sports variety, but they do not have the same styles of clothing for each team. They are pretty consistent for the most part, but I have found cute shirts in one teams category and not in mine. For example, this BAMA long sleeve….. can’t find that in the Ohio State tab, grrrrr.

But, thanks to Fanatics, we don’t have to worry! Not only do you save $1M by shopping at Fanatics, you also get what you want!


This is from the Fanatics website, where under their ladies t ab for Ohio State Buckeyes, there are almost 500 different styles and shirts to choose from. Items range from shirts to jackets, beanies, hats, scarves, rain boots and uggs, pajamas, and bathing suits.

vs 2

Now prepare to be disappointed…. Victoria’s Secret, a whopping TWELVE items to choose from for Ohio State Buckeyes gear…. Are you still not convinced on why to NOT choose VS for sports clothes for the female sports fan in your life this Christmas??? Fine, I will prove it to you again!

Reason 3: They have it all!

Alright, now I am mad. You thought only carrying 12 items was bad….. VS just got worse! I want to stop what I am doing to call VS!

vs 3

Please tell me how many items you see there. ONE?!?!? Is that right? Just one option for a Chargers item on the Victoria’s Secret website? I mean I know they suck this year but COME ON!!!!! Now, I am sure you can go to your nearest VS and there will be a few more options than this. But, are you kidding me with this?

Just checked the Broncos options and they have 1 as well….. pathetic

Wait, I am mad again. I just checked the Raiders and they have FIVE options…. Packers have 3, and that’s fine. But the Raiders get FIVE different options?! Boycotting now! *end rant*

Have no fear, Fanatics is here! Thank you sweet baby Jesus for Fanatics who is carrying over 500 different items just for women!!!! Yes, I know, I am excited too! Not only are there so many more options, they are all super fashionable and worth every penny!


See, large variety and super cute!

Hint hint: LOOOVE all of these shirts right here, and they are on sale!!! >>>>

I know what you’re thinking, VS is flashy and Fanatics is boring. Slow your roll. I promise you female sports lover will be just as happy with a “boring regular shirt” as she would be if it had glitter all over the place. I’m a girl, I know these things! They have jewelry, watches, purses, sunglasses, hair & beauty products…. you have to¬†find something for her this Christmas!

I’m telling you, they literally have everything you could ever think of that is sports related. They have shower curtains, bath mats, toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, grill covers, spatulas, bobble heads, signed jerseys, footballs, cards, & more. Even if you don’t have a special someone to shop for this year who likes sports…. I’m sure you can find this website useful for someone in your family!

Here is the website again: Fanatics

** Disclaimer: This is all my opinion and examples are based off of my interests in sports and apparel. **

Thank you so much for reading!

3 Reasons Why It Is Hard To Be A Chargers Fan This Year

3 Reasons Why It Is Hard To Be A Chargers Fan This Year

san diego chargers, bolts, football, nfl, rivers, gates, alle

The struggle is full on real this season for us San Diego Chargers fans. I can just hear it now from all of you Charger haters, and frankly I don’t want to hear it because either A) your team sucks too or B) I get it, we haven’t won a Super Bowl. But really, there are so many distractions this season that are making it¬†extremely hard to continue to support this train wreck of a season. And by saying “hard to continue to support”, I do not mean I am a fair weather, bandwagon happy fan where I only like the Chargers because I live in San Diego, so slow your roll before you go and try to bash me on not being a loyal fan, because I am more than loyal to this team! But, I figured I had to say something since we just lost to the arch nemesis Oakland Raiders…….

So here are 3 reasons why it is just so damn hard to be a fan this year:

Reason Number One: The Distraction of Not Knowing Where We Will Be Next Year

Now, since this “talk” about the Chargers leaving San Diego and heading to LA to be bffaeae with the Oakland Raiders at a new fancy shmancy stadium came about, I have been on the “They aren’t going anywhere, you’re crazy” side of the conversation. Just recently have I changed my mind… and I am now in the mindset of “Please just leave, we don’t want you anymore” and here’s why:

  • Sorry Chargers, but this is very, very, VERY distracting for not only the players, coaches, front office, and owners, but also for the fans and we are so over hearing about the damn move to LA every single time the Chargers are televised. The only thing the commentators on CBS and ESPN can talk about is how the Chargers have said “xyz” about moving, and how the move talks have become more intense over the last few weeks, and the different plans that the city of San Diego has come up with that the Chargers shut down, and blah blah blah on and on…. As a die hard Chargers fan, I am sick and tired of sitting in front of the TV on a Sunday (yes, I don’t go to the games because I think they are overpriced for how crappy of a stadium Qualcomm is) and listening to Dan Fouts , Cris Collinsworth or Jon Gruden talk more about the Chargers leaving San Diego than what is actually going on in the game.

Reason Number Two:¬†Having an Owner Who Doesn’t Care At All….. Literally

There have been rumors of how the owner, good ole Dean Spanos, does not want to be in San Diego anymore. One blogger uses some nice words to express his ideas of how Spanos just doesn’t care.¬†As a fan of 25 years, how do you think that makes me feel Danny? You think I want to hear that you are just over this city that has done nothing but rallied behind you, even in the darkest seasons (which looks like were heading there this season). Fine, if you don’t want my love, support, and really my money then so be it and have fun in Hollywood.


Or how about this sign being held by Rams fans that straight up says “We want to move to LA…..” No? Still want to move the Chargers??? Oh ok, don’t mind me and my blog rant¬†then.

And Mr. Spanos and the Chargers, if you need it spelled out for you a little more clear, take a look at these survey results from the LA Times….. go ahead and move and see what that does for you!


Oh wait, what’s that? You will sell the Chargers so that they can stay in San Diego, Mr. Spanos??? FAT CHANCE… The only chance the Chargers have of A) staying in San Diego forever and B) being really good and spending a lot of money on good non-overrated players is if this money hungry, greedy, lying, pathetic owner of ours hits the road and sells the team!

If you want to scream “Shut up, dude” and other absurd comments at your phone or computer, click here¬†to watch the video of Spanos saying he isn’t selling!!!

Reason Number Three: Philip Rivers is Breaking Records This Year, With a Losing Team Record, YAY!

I’m sure the first thing you said was chill girl, it’s only week 8. My response to you would be that there is no time to chill because the seasons is already half way over and the Chargers are 2 and frikin 5 (2-5)!!! The Raiders have a better record than us (3-3, but they had a bye so its not really better, but still looks better). How can we start out so hot against the Detroit Lions and then just crumble week bye week. Here are some very valid reasons:

  • Injuries to key players –¬†Current Injury Report
  • Eric Weddle controversy
  • Antonio Gates missing the start of the season
  • Relocating to LA talks¬†(cough cough)

But regardless of what is going on off the field, quarterback Philip Rivers has somehow managed to kind of get it together and kind of do his job. A lot of people say that he is the reason the Chargers are losing games, he chooses where the ball goes, and so on. That is not entirely true. As any member of the whole entire San Diego Chargers football team, whether you are on offense, defense, special teams, heck maybe even the water boy, you all have a key role in the winning and losing of a game. Now, that is not to say that Philip Rivers has not made questionable plays, but he is at least doing his job, passing the ball to a running back or a receiver (or tight end) for them to CATCH the ball and make a big play, ultimately scoring!

This season, though only 7 and soon to be 8 games in, Philip Rivers is well on his way to breaking passing records this season! Though the Chargers record may be 2-5, Rivers has his own records that he is thinking of breaking. I feel like every season, Philip Rivers is breaking anew record or setting anew record for himself, or the franchise. I, personally, love Philip Rivers and love his enthusiasm and all that he brings to the team. I know there are a lot of skeptics as to if he is the right fit for this team, but if the Chargers can figure out a way to better the people around him to be more like superstars, like Antonio Gates and Keenan Allen, then maybe this will all come full circle and the Chargers can do something in the post season… First we can’t be 2-5 to start the season though.


Philip Rivers has completed 215 passes in 7 games, the most in NFL history… HISTORY, the Chargers are making history haha so sad and pathetic all together. It is really great the Philip Rivers is doing so well, but we lost… again!

And even more depressing is the recent loss to the Green Bay Packers. Yeah, going into the game I thought there is no way we could possibly win this game. Then, seeing how close the game was and how we only lost by a touchdown is even more heartbreaking!!! And then going on Instagram and seeing that Philip Rivers passed for OVER 500 YARDS WITH NO INTERCEPTIONS!!!! 500 yards in one game…… yet you still lose?!? Please someone explain to me how this is possible.¬†Untitled¬†Untitled2

I can go on and on about how the struggle is real for being a Chargers fan this year, but I get so frustrated when I talk about it all. This team has great potential, just like past Chargers rosters, but there is something missing in the locker room. I really hope it isn’t a move to LA that is missing!!

Thank you so much for reading!

Are You Team Brady or Team Rodgers?

Are You Team Brady or Team Rodgers?

Tom Brady, New England Patriots vs. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers: The Two Hottest Quarterbacks in Football Today! This is the Battle of the 12s!

TOM BRADY: New England Patriots

¬†“One of the most disliked quarterbacks in football today.”


When I say “most disliked” I am very biased. I am a San Diego Chargers fan, and¬†usually when the Patriots and the Chargers play, it doesn’t end too well for the Chargers. I also have plenty of other reasons as to why I do not like Tom Brady and the New England cheating Patriots, but that can be saved for another blog.

For starters, Tom Brady is ranked 17/20 on the “Top 20 Most Hated Players in the NFL” list. (FUN FACT: His BFF TE Gronk is listed at #15, so he is a little more hated than Brady!) But anyways, congrats Brady, you aren’t the MOST hated player, but out of a million players, you’re in the top 20! Nobody cares that ole Tommy B has been to THE Super Bowl SIX times, or that out of those SIX times has won FOUR times, and was won MVP THREE times!!! Despite his most envied accomplishments, Tom Brady is still disliked.¬†So maybe you don’t dislike him for his amazing success, but maybe you are just jealous of his model wife (rumored ex-wife) Gisele Bundchen, or his poor choice in fashion and ad campaigns he participates in (Stetson, Uggs), or maybe it is simply that he plays for the notoriously hated New England Patriots… But if he is so disliked, how is he so hot?!

2015 season: At the age of 38 (Looking pretty good there for almost being 40 B), Tom Brady has put up unprecedented stats. We are about to start week 7 of the regular season, and so far Tom Brady has a completion percentage of 70.6, where he has attempted to throw the ball 197 times and has actually completed those passes 139, for 1,699 yards which would make his quarterback passer rating 73.2!! He also has 14 touchdowns, and only ONE interception!!! We will see if he can keep it up and add to his career stats.

Career: Tom Brady has been in the NFL for 16 seasons, where he has thrown for 406 touchdowns, 144 interceptions, a completion percentage of 63.7. He has thrown for 54 THOUSAND 957 yards!! Tom Brady shows no signs of slowing down, unlike his aging rival Peyton Manning (39), which is also for another blog.  As for Brady in the post season, or the playoffs for clarification, he has played 12/16 seasons in the post season, for 53 touchdowns and 26 interceptions. The New England Patriots are currently 5-0, and many analysts, reporters and experts believe that Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are well on their way to another 16-0 season.

“When I’m out on the football field, I have so much confidence in what I’m doing.”

– Tom Brady

But, what about Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers?!?!

AARON RODGERS: Green Bay Packers

One of the most loved quarterbacks in football today.”

aaron rodgers, packers, green bay, football, quarterback, mvp

So how can Aaron Rodgers be one of the most liked quarterbacks in the NFL? Three words, DISCOUNT DOUBLE CHECK! Thanks to the commercials from State Farm, Aaron Rodgers is becoming a regular household name. Kids see him on TV all the time doing his signature touchdown move¬†after he scores a rushing touchdown, and then 2 minutes later see the State Farm commercial where everyone is talking about Discount Double Check and doing the signature move. This commercial isn’t only clever, it is catchy and now the three words “discount double check” are associated with nobody other than Aaron Rodgers. To make this more clear, here is Aaron Rodgers explaining how he feels when someone else does his signature Discount Double Check move after a touchdown:¬†State Farm appreciates it¬†! You can do a quick YouTube search of all the different commercials Aaron Rodgers has been in with State Farm and their catchy Discount Double Check campaign.

Besides from his TV appearances, Rodgers is actually ranked 5th on the most liked NFL players list, the complete opposite of Tom Brady (he is actually on this list too). You can get a full list here. Aaron Rodgers plays for one of the most popular franchises in all of football, where every home game at the iconic Lambeau Field is sold out, and it is nothing but a sea of green and yellow in the stands! Packer fans are very loyal to their team and love their quarterback.

2015 season: At the age of 31, making him a little¬†younger than Tommy B, this season Rodgers has put up huge numbers, and has broken a streak! Coming into this season, Aaron Rodgers had not thrown an interception at home in 587 passing attempts, which dated back to December 2, 2012. This season, the Packers played the St. Louis Rams at home, and that streak ended! Not only did Aaron Rodgers throw one interception, he threw TWO! Thankfully, the Packers still won that game. Just think about it for a second, THREE years without throwing an interception or having some sort of turnover…. AMAZING! This week the Packers are on a bye, but his numbers this season are very impressive to note. Rodgers has thrown for 15 touchdowns, has a completion percentage of 68.1, completed 124 passes on 182 attempts, which has come out to 1,491 yards… all done without his favorite wide receiver Jordy Nelson (torn ACL in preseason). Impressive!

Career:¬†This is Aaron Rodgers 11th season in the league, all with the Green Bay Packers, where he started as a back up to the legendary Brett Favre. When you are a back up to a legend, it is kind of hard to not be good… which Aaron Rodgers career stats prove. In 11 seasons, Aaron Rodgers has been able to throw 241 touchdowns and only 59 interceptions…. WHAT?! He has 30,069 career passing yards with a completion percentage of 65.9 in 116 total games. This guy is a stud and he is going to continue to be a stud until he retires (which hopefully is never)! The Packers are currently 6-0, and many believe that Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, like Brady and the Patriots, are well on their way to an undefeated season.

“That’s what really motivates me: to make my coaches proud, my teammates proud, and the fans proud.”

   РAaron Rodgers

Now that you have their current stats for the season, who do you think can lead their team all the way to the Super Bowl, and bring home that Lombardi trophy?? Leave a comment with your team!

And btw, this whole time you probably that I was talking about who the most attractive quarterback was… no silly, this is sports, not girl talk! But Aaron Rodgers is obvi the more attractive of the two!

3 Reasons Why Their #SelfieGame is Way Too Strong

3 Reasons Why Their #SelfieGame is Way Too Strong

Why are selfies ruining our sports today? Whether it’s Lebron James taking selfies with fans during a basketball game, or a Red Sox player taking one of himself during a baseball game, they are single handily ruining the way we watch sports today! Wait, I mean not watching sports, because that’s all we are too busy doing at sporting events is making sure our selfie game is on point. It is totally fine to snap a photo here and there to capture the moment, heck even if it’s a selfie. I admit, I take a few selfies per event, and yes that is because I either haven’t captured the right one, or I don’t like the first one, or my eyes were closed, whatever….. But to take like a million and one selfies during a short time period, with so many different faces, duck lips, smiles, open mouth smiles, sad faces, winking, the list goes on and on, is a little ridiculous.

Girls are way more into how strong their selfie game is than guys, therefore this isn’t surprising that these are sorority girls taking selfies, and not their counter frat brothers. There is a problem here though, the girls spend way too much time taking pictures of themselves that they are forgetting to actually watch the game. Why go to a sporting event and pay X amount of dollars to get into a game, if you are just going to take pictures…. of yourself?

Here’s 3 reasons why these sorority sisters took it too far, and how they ruined it for girls who love attending sporting events.

Reason 1: From duck lips, to open mouth smiles, to whatever the girl in black is doing…

girls, selfies, sorority, baseball, diamondbacks, rockies

Now that everyone across the United States has seen this video, MLB announcers have made fun of it, there have been numerous bashing comments, and more, it is going to be that much harder for a group of girls to go to an upcoming game and take a few pictures. I can just hear it now:

  • “OMG look at those girls, they aren’t even watching the game!!”
  • “Their camera (you mean their cell phone) is blocking my view of the field!!!”
  • “They are totally trying to get on TV like those other girls did.”

It is already bad enough that people give dirty looks and make fun of others for taking selfies. Now, if I want to go to a Chargers game this weekend with my girlfriends and I want to snap a few pics of us, thanks, or not thanks, to these girls, I’m sure someone somewhere in the crowd around us will say something.

But how is this ruining the way we watch (aren’t watching) sports? Because once we get in that comfortable stage of trying to get the picture we want, we have to edit them, and post them to Instagram and Facebook, and show everyone that we know what we are doing, in case they really cared. We get so wrapped up in how good our pictures look for others to see that we have missed¬†3 innings, 2 quarters, or a whole half trying to post this super important picture!

Reason 2: OMG that one’s not cute! Let’s take another one… with our hot dog!

girls, sorority sisters, baseball, selfies

The picture above, in the first reason, and this picture as well, show these girls so worried about taking a picture with a hot dog and a¬†churro…. really?! You don’t want to take a picture of maybe you and your friends with the game in the back, but instead you want a picture of you about to stuff your face with food? I mean, I wouldn’t do it, but maybe that’s what their sorority does best in their selfies (no shade being thrown to sororities btw).

So we went from the different faces of selfies, to now posing with food in hopes that having some food in the picture will get you more likes. What happened to just enjoying a nice ballpark dog at a baseball game? Popcorn, cotton candy, churros, ice cream, in San Diego at Petco Park on Tuesdays we have Taco Tuesday and you can get AMAZING $1 street tacos… what happened to just buying food to eat it? Why can’t we just order a pretzel with salt and cheese and mustard and yes, smother the pretzel with the cheese and mustard, and that’s right, get it all over our faces and probably on our shirts and jerseys? Why do I have to take a picture with my pretzel? It’s like I’m saying “Hey, look, I’m so cool, I eat pretzels with cheese and mustard, and I make a mess, but it’s still cute, so I’m gonna post it to my Instagram and Snapchat!!!”

I love going to games, baseball, basketball, football, hockey, whatever it is, to EAT the food that you can’t readily buy at the grocery store! At a lot of sports venues, the food that they serve is part of their tradition, or is different from a lot of other places, but still has the classics that so many people love and enjoy. Just stick to eating the food, without posing with the food before you get down on some delicious ballpark dogs!

Reason 3: How about just the hot dog with the game in the back? We’re at a football game right?!

girls, hotdogs, selfie, baseball

Great, here we go again…. Now instead of taking a selfie at the game, we’re just going to take a picture of the food we eat and not put ourselves in it. Why? What makes you think that your friends are going to want to scroll on their feed to see you at a baseball game, or not at a baseball, but your hot dog floating in the air with the game in the back. At this part of the video, for the most part, her friends have FINALLY started watching the game and stopped taking pictures, but they are still just so concerned with what they are going to put out there on social media for all of their friends to see!

As someone who loves going to games and loves being at the game to cheer on my team, I wish girls didn’t take so many selfies, and would pay more attention to the actual game. It is way more impressive for a girl to know what is actually going on in the game and can hold her ground in a conversation about the game or about any sport than it is, than how good of a selfie she can take. ¬†Selfies have become a huge part of our generation and there is no chance of this trend stopping, especially now with selfie sticks and so many other devices that help the selfie taking process.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, where¬†these girls are giving other girls who go to games a potential bad image. I’m not giving them a hard time, I just wish that girls loving sports, particularly male dominant sports, was a little more accepting and not so frowned upon, or in this case wasn’t all about the selfies…. I have had plenty of conversations with guys about sports and they are blown away by how much I actually know about the sport or about the topic. I feel like more girls need to be like that. Sports are not just for men, women can be just as involved, and part of my passion is helping girls understand the love of sports, from the male and female perspective, and try to bridge that gap of unknown!

Remember at the beginning when I said a million selfies in a short amount of time? Here is the original video that went viral of these girls taking pictures of themselves nonstop.

So click and see for yourself what everyone has been talking about!

Thank you so much for reading!