3 Reasons Why Their #SelfieGame is Way Too Strong

3 Reasons Why Their #SelfieGame is Way Too Strong

Why are selfies ruining our sports today? Whether it’s Lebron James taking selfies with fans during a basketball game, or a Red Sox player taking one of himself during a baseball game, they are single handily ruining the way we watch sports today! Wait, I mean not watching sports, because that’s all we are too busy doing at sporting events is making sure our selfie game is on point. It is totally fine to snap a photo here and there to capture the moment, heck even if it’s a selfie. I admit, I take a few selfies per event, and yes that is because I either haven’t captured the right one, or I don’t like the first one, or my eyes were closed, whatever….. But to take like a million and one selfies during a short time period, with so many different faces, duck lips, smiles, open mouth smiles, sad faces, winking, the list goes on and on, is a little ridiculous.

Girls are way more into how strong their selfie game is than guys, therefore this isn’t surprising that these are sorority girls taking selfies, and not their counter frat brothers. There is a problem here though, the girls spend way too much time taking pictures of themselves that they are forgetting to actually watch the game. Why go to a sporting event and pay X amount of dollars to get into a game, if you are just going to take pictures…. of yourself?

Here’s 3 reasons why these sorority sisters took it too far, and how they ruined it for girls who love attending sporting events.

Reason 1: From duck lips, to open mouth smiles, to whatever the girl in black is doing…

girls, selfies, sorority, baseball, diamondbacks, rockies

Now that everyone across the United States has seen this video, MLB announcers have made fun of it, there have been numerous bashing comments, and more, it is going to be that much harder for a group of girls to go to an upcoming game and take a few pictures. I can just hear it now:

  • “OMG look at those girls, they aren’t even watching the game!!”
  • “Their camera (you mean their cell phone) is blocking my view of the field!!!”
  • “They are totally trying to get on TV like those other girls did.”

It is already bad enough that people give dirty looks and make fun of others for taking selfies. Now, if I want to go to a Chargers game this weekend with my girlfriends and I want to snap a few pics of us, thanks, or not thanks, to these girls, I’m sure someone somewhere in the crowd around us will say something.

But how is this ruining the way we watch (aren’t watching) sports? Because once we get in that comfortable stage of trying to get the picture we want, we have to edit them, and post them to Instagram and Facebook, and show everyone that we know what we are doing, in case they really cared. We get so wrapped up in how good our pictures look for others to see that we have missed 3 innings, 2 quarters, or a whole half trying to post this super important picture!

Reason 2: OMG that one’s not cute! Let’s take another one… with our hot dog!

girls, sorority sisters, baseball, selfies

The picture above, in the first reason, and this picture as well, show these girls so worried about taking a picture with a hot dog and a churro…. really?! You don’t want to take a picture of maybe you and your friends with the game in the back, but instead you want a picture of you about to stuff your face with food? I mean, I wouldn’t do it, but maybe that’s what their sorority does best in their selfies (no shade being thrown to sororities btw).

So we went from the different faces of selfies, to now posing with food in hopes that having some food in the picture will get you more likes. What happened to just enjoying a nice ballpark dog at a baseball game? Popcorn, cotton candy, churros, ice cream, in San Diego at Petco Park on Tuesdays we have Taco Tuesday and you can get AMAZING $1 street tacos… what happened to just buying food to eat it? Why can’t we just order a pretzel with salt and cheese and mustard and yes, smother the pretzel with the cheese and mustard, and that’s right, get it all over our faces and probably on our shirts and jerseys? Why do I have to take a picture with my pretzel? It’s like I’m saying “Hey, look, I’m so cool, I eat pretzels with cheese and mustard, and I make a mess, but it’s still cute, so I’m gonna post it to my Instagram and Snapchat!!!”

I love going to games, baseball, basketball, football, hockey, whatever it is, to EAT the food that you can’t readily buy at the grocery store! At a lot of sports venues, the food that they serve is part of their tradition, or is different from a lot of other places, but still has the classics that so many people love and enjoy. Just stick to eating the food, without posing with the food before you get down on some delicious ballpark dogs!

Reason 3: How about just the hot dog with the game in the back? We’re at a football game right?!

girls, hotdogs, selfie, baseball

Great, here we go again…. Now instead of taking a selfie at the game, we’re just going to take a picture of the food we eat and not put ourselves in it. Why? What makes you think that your friends are going to want to scroll on their feed to see you at a baseball game, or not at a baseball, but your hot dog floating in the air with the game in the back. At this part of the video, for the most part, her friends have FINALLY started watching the game and stopped taking pictures, but they are still just so concerned with what they are going to put out there on social media for all of their friends to see!

As someone who loves going to games and loves being at the game to cheer on my team, I wish girls didn’t take so many selfies, and would pay more attention to the actual game. It is way more impressive for a girl to know what is actually going on in the game and can hold her ground in a conversation about the game or about any sport than it is, than how good of a selfie she can take.  Selfies have become a huge part of our generation and there is no chance of this trend stopping, especially now with selfie sticks and so many other devices that help the selfie taking process.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, where these girls are giving other girls who go to games a potential bad image. I’m not giving them a hard time, I just wish that girls loving sports, particularly male dominant sports, was a little more accepting and not so frowned upon, or in this case wasn’t all about the selfies…. I have had plenty of conversations with guys about sports and they are blown away by how much I actually know about the sport or about the topic. I feel like more girls need to be like that. Sports are not just for men, women can be just as involved, and part of my passion is helping girls understand the love of sports, from the male and female perspective, and try to bridge that gap of unknown!

Remember at the beginning when I said a million selfies in a short amount of time? Here is the original video that went viral of these girls taking pictures of themselves nonstop.

So click and see for yourself what everyone has been talking about!

Thank you so much for reading!


One thought on “3 Reasons Why Their #SelfieGame is Way Too Strong

  1. Maybe it’s because I came from the days when computers used cassette tapes. Who knows but when me and my friends go out or to a game we have other people take our pics for us. Isn’t a group photo better then just you and a hot dog?


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