Shopping Made Easy For the Female Sports Fan in Your Life

Shopping Made Easy For the Female Sports Fan in Your Life

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are right around the corner. I mean literally, right around the corner… Thanksgiving is in three weeks, Christmas is in 50 days, and New Years is a few short days after!! So with the holidays coming, why not start your shopping early, or just start preparing for the female sports fans on your list!

I have already done most of my Christmas shopping thanks to one website, Fanatics. Fanatics is literally my go to website for shopping all things sports. You can choose from baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, NASCAR, Olympics, all college sports, and any other sport that your female sports fan is interested in. Not only do they offer a variety of sports to choose from, under each sport category, they have sports apparel and memorabilia for every single team in that category. Yes, that means all 32 NFL teams, all 30 teams in MLB and NHL, and you betcha, over 500 colleges to choose from!! I know, it’s a lot…. You’re probably thinking, but if I am shopping for a girl who likes sports, why not just use Victoria’s Secret’s Pink sports line…. I’ll tell you why. Follow these simple steps and you will have hit a home run, scored a touchdown, made a buzzer beater from behind the half court line, and scored a goal with your female sports fan this year!

Reason 1: Discounts, free shipping, discounts, & more free shippingggg!

sports apparel, discounts, savinsgs, free shipping

Yes, that definitely says 20-50% off football gear! Um, hello… it’s football season, why wouldn’t you use this awesome discount for savings on awesome jerseys, beanies, socks, earrings, license plate frames, and so much more! I have been on the Fanatics website probably about 4 times in the last 6 weeks, and every time I go to their site, there is another discount and there is always free shipping. Last year, I waited until the last minute to get my Christmas shopping done. I stumbled across this site, which was perfect for all the sports fans in my life (yes babe, this is where I did ALLLLL of your Christmas shopping). However, because I waited so long, I think my highest savings was 20%. So this year, I got a jump start and every time I have been on the site (4 times in 6 weeks) I have purchased something with up to 50% off savings ON MY ENTIRE ORDER and FREE SHIPPING!!!! I cannot remember the last time I bought something from Victoria’s Secret period and got up to 50% off AND free shipping on the same order. And just by glancing at their site again it looks like you have to spend xx amount of dollars before you can get a discount…. yeah I will gladly pass!

As I write this blog, I am currently shopping for more sports gear, because it is just too good to pass up savings like this!!!! And my entire family is obsessedddd with sports, so it’s totally perfect. Warning: This offer picture above ends tonight, so jump fast!

Reason 2: Better variety…. That simple!

I mentioned above that Fanatics has a bajillion different teams to choose from, here Victoria’s Secret is limited to just NFL, NCAAF (college football), and MLB. Although these are the most common sports, why don’t they support basketball and have NBA teams in their sports line, or hockey with NHL gear…. VS, I’m sorry but you are failing to deliver us ladies with a wide variety of sports gear.


Note to my boyfriend: If you can find that BAMA shirt in OHIO STATE colors and logos…. that is what I want for Christmas 🙂

See, not only does Victoria’s Secret have limited sports variety, but they do not have the same styles of clothing for each team. They are pretty consistent for the most part, but I have found cute shirts in one teams category and not in mine. For example, this BAMA long sleeve….. can’t find that in the Ohio State tab, grrrrr.

But, thanks to Fanatics, we don’t have to worry! Not only do you save $1M by shopping at Fanatics, you also get what you want!


This is from the Fanatics website, where under their ladies t ab for Ohio State Buckeyes, there are almost 500 different styles and shirts to choose from. Items range from shirts to jackets, beanies, hats, scarves, rain boots and uggs, pajamas, and bathing suits.

vs 2

Now prepare to be disappointed…. Victoria’s Secret, a whopping TWELVE items to choose from for Ohio State Buckeyes gear…. Are you still not convinced on why to NOT choose VS for sports clothes for the female sports fan in your life this Christmas??? Fine, I will prove it to you again!

Reason 3: They have it all!

Alright, now I am mad. You thought only carrying 12 items was bad….. VS just got worse! I want to stop what I am doing to call VS!

vs 3

Please tell me how many items you see there. ONE?!?!? Is that right? Just one option for a Chargers item on the Victoria’s Secret website? I mean I know they suck this year but COME ON!!!!! Now, I am sure you can go to your nearest VS and there will be a few more options than this. But, are you kidding me with this?

Just checked the Broncos options and they have 1 as well….. pathetic

Wait, I am mad again. I just checked the Raiders and they have FIVE options…. Packers have 3, and that’s fine. But the Raiders get FIVE different options?! Boycotting now! *end rant*

Have no fear, Fanatics is here! Thank you sweet baby Jesus for Fanatics who is carrying over 500 different items just for women!!!! Yes, I know, I am excited too! Not only are there so many more options, they are all super fashionable and worth every penny!


See, large variety and super cute!

Hint hint: LOOOVE all of these shirts right here, and they are on sale!!! >>>>

I know what you’re thinking, VS is flashy and Fanatics is boring. Slow your roll. I promise you female sports lover will be just as happy with a “boring regular shirt” as she would be if it had glitter all over the place. I’m a girl, I know these things! They have jewelry, watches, purses, sunglasses, hair & beauty products…. you have to find something for her this Christmas!

I’m telling you, they literally have everything you could ever think of that is sports related. They have shower curtains, bath mats, toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, grill covers, spatulas, bobble heads, signed jerseys, footballs, cards, & more. Even if you don’t have a special someone to shop for this year who likes sports…. I’m sure you can find this website useful for someone in your family!

Here is the website again: Fanatics

** Disclaimer: This is all my opinion and examples are based off of my interests in sports and apparel. **

Thank you so much for reading!


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