The 5 Must Haves for Tailgating Like a Pro

The 5 Must Haves for Tailgating Like a Pro


Everyone loves tailgating, or at least I know my friends and I do! We look forward to getting to the concert, game, or whatever event we are attending early to tailgate and you know, pregame a little. (We’re a little cheap and don’t want to spend $10 on one beer/drink). Over the years, we have learned the must haves for tailgating and the things that are really just extras which are taking up space in the car & at the parking lot party (thank you Lee Brice). Here are 5 must haves to make you look like a tailgating pro:


HELLOOOO, wake up, this is the number one priority at any tailgating party! If you don’t have yummy drinks to sip on, your party is a dud. Just kidding, but really, drinks make it way more fun. And, I don’t even mean alcoholic drinks. There are plenty of yummy non alcoholic drinks that can make a tailgating party fun, especially when the drink has a theme to match the event. But, I really was talking about alcohol… beer, wine, shots, margaritas, you name it, you need it!!! Plus, when you have great drinks at your parking lot party, you save some money when you go inside of the event…. Say no to $10 Coors Light cans 🙂


The second priority to a perfect tailgating party is good, loud, fun music! Music breaks up the conversations that you hear in the background and gets people dancing, singing, and pumped up for the game or concert (especially those country concerts **heart eyes emoji**).

I think I have seen it all when it comes to different ways that people provide music for their tailgating party. I have seen just the basic car stereo blasting music through the car speakers to a full on karaoke/ PA system in the back of someones truck. But, for some people an entire PA system to blast some tunes isn’t in their price range. For example, I bought a Bluetooth stereo from Costco and I literally use it everywhere, the desert, beach, concerts, games, parties at the house, anything!

speaker, tailgate, music

This is similar to the one that I have, except mine has a handle with wheels… It is such a perfect investment for people who love to listen to music wherever they are!


You NEED good food in order to have a great night! Lately my go to tailgating food item is BBQ Chicken & Bacon Kabobs…. They are literally heaven on earth! They are also super easy to grill, because all the prep work is done at home before the tailgate party! You can find the recipe here. What I love most about kabobs, besides how yummy they are, is that you don’t have to pack a lot of eating supplies, forks, knives, spoons, and so on, because you use your hands to eat them!!! It can get pretty messy too, so I suggest bringing a lot of paper towels and wet naps!

food, bacon, bbq, chicken, tailgate, party

Seriously, how good do those look???

If you aren’t into the kabobs, there are so many different ideas you could think of for a perfect tailgating meal. For example, my uncles have season tickets to the Chargers games, and they tailgate and cook a lot of really delicious food. Depending on who they are playing that week, they have their tailgate meal match it, kind of like a theme, to go with the game. Like clam chowder when they played the Patriots forever ago, or Philly cheese steaks when they play the Eagles, and so on. They literally do something different for every game. So, spice it up, switch it up, it doesn’t have to always be chips & salsa, hot dogs & hamburgers, fruit & veggie tray…. Be fun, be creative!


It’s cool to just hang out and drink and dance before the game or concert. But, it kind of gets old after a while…. Especially when it’s what you do every time. There are so many different games that you can play, whether they are drinking games, or non drinking games that you make drinking games! This should be pretty self explanatory, but if not, then here is a short list of ideas for games:


  • Beer Pong: About beer pong and my friends… we are very competitive and take the whole boys vs. girls thing really serious! The guys on the other hand will stay up literally all night playing just so they can beat the kid who has never played before…… you know what I’m talking about boys!
  • Flip Cup
  • Beer Bong
  • Ring Toss
  • Corn Hole: Oh God, don’t get me started on how competitive corn hole can get! This is another game that when mixed with alcohol can lead to a never ending night!
  • & So Many More


I know, it’s crazy that this is a must have for a tailgating party. But, honestly, can you imagine driving all the way to the concert or game, thinking the tickets are i the car, setting up your party, partying, cleaning up….. looking for the tickets…. panicking….. still looking….. yeah they are gone. I have purchased tickets the day of a concert before and did not have time to print them. There was an electronic version that I could show them at the gate to get in, totally perfect. I showed up, had no service, had no tickets….. Luckily, I was able to pay a lovely fee of $15 per ticket to get them printed (totally ridiculous) and then we were on our way. But, what if we couldn’t get them printed?? That would be a complete let down and a waste of precious tailgating! So, seriously, remembering the tickets is a must have for tailgating… if you want to enjoy the rest of the night!!

See you at the next parking lot party y’all!

Thank you so much for reading!


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