3 Reasons Why It Is Hard To Be A Chargers Fan This Year

3 Reasons Why It Is Hard To Be A Chargers Fan This Year

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The struggle is full on real this season for us San Diego Chargers fans. I can just hear it now from all of you Charger haters, and frankly I don’t want to hear it because either A) your team sucks too or B) I get it, we haven’t won a Super Bowl. But really, there are so many distractions this season that are making it extremely hard to continue to support this train wreck of a season. And by saying “hard to continue to support”, I do not mean I am a fair weather, bandwagon happy fan where I only like the Chargers because I live in San Diego, so slow your roll before you go and try to bash me on not being a loyal fan, because I am more than loyal to this team! But, I figured I had to say something since we just lost to the arch nemesis Oakland Raiders…….

So here are 3 reasons why it is just so damn hard to be a fan this year:

Reason Number One: The Distraction of Not Knowing Where We Will Be Next Year

Now, since this “talk” about the Chargers leaving San Diego and heading to LA to be bffaeae with the Oakland Raiders at a new fancy shmancy stadium came about, I have been on the “They aren’t going anywhere, you’re crazy” side of the conversation. Just recently have I changed my mind… and I am now in the mindset of “Please just leave, we don’t want you anymore” and here’s why:

  • Sorry Chargers, but this is very, very, VERY distracting for not only the players, coaches, front office, and owners, but also for the fans and we are so over hearing about the damn move to LA every single time the Chargers are televised. The only thing the commentators on CBS and ESPN can talk about is how the Chargers have said “xyz” about moving, and how the move talks have become more intense over the last few weeks, and the different plans that the city of San Diego has come up with that the Chargers shut down, and blah blah blah on and on…. As a die hard Chargers fan, I am sick and tired of sitting in front of the TV on a Sunday (yes, I don’t go to the games because I think they are overpriced for how crappy of a stadium Qualcomm is) and listening to Dan Fouts , Cris Collinsworth or Jon Gruden talk more about the Chargers leaving San Diego than what is actually going on in the game.

Reason Number Two: Having an Owner Who Doesn’t Care At All….. Literally

There have been rumors of how the owner, good ole Dean Spanos, does not want to be in San Diego anymore. One blogger uses some nice words to express his ideas of how Spanos just doesn’t care. As a fan of 25 years, how do you think that makes me feel Danny? You think I want to hear that you are just over this city that has done nothing but rallied behind you, even in the darkest seasons (which looks like were heading there this season). Fine, if you don’t want my love, support, and really my money then so be it and have fun in Hollywood.


Or how about this sign being held by Rams fans that straight up says “We want to move to LA…..” No? Still want to move the Chargers??? Oh ok, don’t mind me and my blog rant then.

And Mr. Spanos and the Chargers, if you need it spelled out for you a little more clear, take a look at these survey results from the LA Times….. go ahead and move and see what that does for you!


Oh wait, what’s that? You will sell the Chargers so that they can stay in San Diego, Mr. Spanos??? FAT CHANCE… The only chance the Chargers have of A) staying in San Diego forever and B) being really good and spending a lot of money on good non-overrated players is if this money hungry, greedy, lying, pathetic owner of ours hits the road and sells the team!

If you want to scream “Shut up, dude” and other absurd comments at your phone or computer, click here to watch the video of Spanos saying he isn’t selling!!!

Reason Number Three: Philip Rivers is Breaking Records This Year, With a Losing Team Record, YAY!

I’m sure the first thing you said was chill girl, it’s only week 8. My response to you would be that there is no time to chill because the seasons is already half way over and the Chargers are 2 and frikin 5 (2-5)!!! The Raiders have a better record than us (3-3, but they had a bye so its not really better, but still looks better). How can we start out so hot against the Detroit Lions and then just crumble week bye week. Here are some very valid reasons:

  • Injuries to key players – Current Injury Report
  • Eric Weddle controversy
  • Antonio Gates missing the start of the season
  • Relocating to LA talks (cough cough)

But regardless of what is going on off the field, quarterback Philip Rivers has somehow managed to kind of get it together and kind of do his job. A lot of people say that he is the reason the Chargers are losing games, he chooses where the ball goes, and so on. That is not entirely true. As any member of the whole entire San Diego Chargers football team, whether you are on offense, defense, special teams, heck maybe even the water boy, you all have a key role in the winning and losing of a game. Now, that is not to say that Philip Rivers has not made questionable plays, but he is at least doing his job, passing the ball to a running back or a receiver (or tight end) for them to CATCH the ball and make a big play, ultimately scoring!

This season, though only 7 and soon to be 8 games in, Philip Rivers is well on his way to breaking passing records this season! Though the Chargers record may be 2-5, Rivers has his own records that he is thinking of breaking. I feel like every season, Philip Rivers is breaking anew record or setting anew record for himself, or the franchise. I, personally, love Philip Rivers and love his enthusiasm and all that he brings to the team. I know there are a lot of skeptics as to if he is the right fit for this team, but if the Chargers can figure out a way to better the people around him to be more like superstars, like Antonio Gates and Keenan Allen, then maybe this will all come full circle and the Chargers can do something in the post season… First we can’t be 2-5 to start the season though.


Philip Rivers has completed 215 passes in 7 games, the most in NFL history… HISTORY, the Chargers are making history haha so sad and pathetic all together. It is really great the Philip Rivers is doing so well, but we lost… again!

And even more depressing is the recent loss to the Green Bay Packers. Yeah, going into the game I thought there is no way we could possibly win this game. Then, seeing how close the game was and how we only lost by a touchdown is even more heartbreaking!!! And then going on Instagram and seeing that Philip Rivers passed for OVER 500 YARDS WITH NO INTERCEPTIONS!!!! 500 yards in one game…… yet you still lose?!? Please someone explain to me how this is possible. Untitled Untitled2

I can go on and on about how the struggle is real for being a Chargers fan this year, but I get so frustrated when I talk about it all. This team has great potential, just like past Chargers rosters, but there is something missing in the locker room. I really hope it isn’t a move to LA that is missing!!

Thank you so much for reading!